MANZELMÄNNCHEN clean up and inbetween artist, storyboard assistant
Animated Series (2 - 5 sec.Spots). A coproduction with ZDF / NFP. Wiesbaden / Mainz, Deutschland / Hungary

EZ KÉSZ! PÉNZ! animation, clean up & inbetween artist
animated Feature (120 min, and 2 x 15) 2006

LENNY & TWEEK clean -up & inbetween artist
Animated Series (2005)
A coproduction with JEP Animation (Deutschland)

MISSY MILLY clean - up & inbetween artist
Animated Series (2005)
A coproduction with NFP (Deutschland)

LA REINA SOLEIL clean up und inbetween artist
Animated Feature (75 min. Feature completion 2007). A coproduction with Euroimages / Cinemon and Greykid. France / Belgium / Italy / Hungary

HEIDI storyboard - assistant, clean up and inbetween artist
Animated Feature and Series (75 min. and 26 x 24 min: in prepoduction, Feature Completion 2003). A coproduction with Beta / Taunus Film (Kirch Group) and Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana

FANTASTIC FLYING JOURNEY storyboard and layout - posing assistant
Animated Series (13 x 24 min, completed in 2001). In cooproduction with TV Loonland AG, And 2 Sides TV, In association with ITV

GEORGIE GOAT animation, clean - up and inbetween artist
Animated Series (3 x 7 min, completed in 2001). TV - Loonland production

FELIX storyboard - assistant
Animated Series (16 x 12 min, completed in 2002). A coproduction with TV-Loonland AG, NDF and Caligary GmbH, in association with ZDF.

PETTSON AND FINDUS (Pettersson and Findus) clean-up and inbetween artist
Animated Feature and Animated Series (75 min. and 13 x 13 min, in production, completed 1998 / 2000). A coproduction with TMO Films, Svensk Filmindustri and Happy Life Animation, in association with HIT Entertainment, ZDF, SVT Swedish Television, Film Fernseh Fonds Bayern and Nordic Film Fund.

Animated Feature (80 min, completed November 1998). A coproduction with Nelvana Ltd., TMO Films and Ellipse Animation.

THE FEARLESS FOUR (Die Furchtlosen Vier) inbeetwen artist
Animated Feature (1996 / 97). A production of Bioskop Film (Münich) in association with Warner Bros. (Germany).

BIG SISTER and LITTLE BROTHER clean up and inbetween artist
Animated Series (26 x 2: 30 min, completed November 1997). A coproduction wizh Wegelius TV,TMO Films, SVT Swedish Television, Nordic Film Fund.

SMALL STORIES (Les Belles histories de Pommed'Api) inbeetwen artist
Animated Series (26 x 5 min, completed 1996). A coproduction with Les Films de l'Arlequin and TMO Films, SVT Swedish Television, Nordic Film Fund.

AARON'S MAGIC VILLAGE (Die Scelme von Schelm) inbetween artist
Animated Feature (75 min, completed 1995). A coproduction with Les Films de l'Arlequin, TMO Films and Project Images Films. In association with Columbia Tristar, ZDF, Telepool, Bavarian Film Funds, Canal+(France), Centre National de la Cinematographie Francaise, Eeurimages, Cartoon.


  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives
  • Adventure with the Old King
  • Adventure with the Old King
  • Adventure with the Old King
  • Adventure with the Old King
  • Adventure with the Old King
  • Adventure with the Old King
  • Adventure with the Old King
  • Adventure with the Old King
  • Adventure with the Old King
  • Adventure with the Old King
  • Adventure with the Old King
  • Adventure with the Old King
  • Adventure with the Old King
    (Title adapted from Gyula Krúdy's short story with the same title)
    Synopsis and script
    Written by Sara Zita Toth

    The story is building from the 20th century collective unconscious. It takes place within Europe and its locations from and connect different levels.

    Esoterical, historical, economical and contemporary problems are unfolded with simplicity. The story consist of 22 parts which uses the 22 steps of tarot travel written by Thot in the ancient Egyptian Kopt Christian culture. This system is later analogous with the ancient Ind and European holistic astrologic circle site presents karmic life tasks, encounters and incarnation life situations.

    The film titled th' Adventure with the Old King's about my own life up to now using fictional characters.

    Have a good time with it!
    The Author

  • Adventure with the Old King
    Chapter 1
    Title: The Death (La Muerte) Page 13
    In this chapter we can get to know the main characters, who are seen during a celebration in the court of Louis XIV. The Sun King. The dearest wife of the Sun King is being poisoned during the night and we find out wo did it.
    The Sun King is cries...

    Chapter 2
    Title: The Emperor (La Rein) Page 4
    We can see scenes taking place in temporary Berlin. A very famous film producer is suddenly visited by a girl from Budapest of the Eastern block.
    Their meeting is predestined and the man of fears the girl a job inone of Germany faraway provinces...
    The girl leaves

    Chapter 3
    Title: The Power ( La Force) Page 8
    In this chapter we can find about the girl's struggle some past while she tries go on with her studies, to makes a living on her own and mantain her ill father's flat at the same time.
    One night she drinks a bottle of whiskey with her friend and they book two fly tickets on the internet. He girl now leaves for her friend's to Berlin.

  • Adventure with the Old King
    Chapter 4
    Title: The Prophecy (La Destin) Page 10
    This chapter takes places in Hungary, in the rural town of Szeged. The most well - known witch of Europa foretells the future to the girl when after she is despired of her bitterly - larned money.
    Let's imagine the persone who poisoned her in the first chapter...This prophecy seems to became reality.

    Chapter 5
    Title: The Lovers (L'amour)
    In this chapter the girl sends her letter to the Old King in which she explains why they had to meet and ensures him of her unconditional devotion. The King visits the far-away German province and his situation becomes critical.
    He falls in love with the girl all over again, the girl who was drifted on her path by der dreams.
    He does not know what to do.
    But the girl makes up that she should produce a film version of their story, hence the man is a famous producer and the girl knows well, as she has the talent for prophecy, that the film would be successful. Very successful.
    And it will have the power to bring back the lost faith of the people.

    Chapter 6
    Title: The Fool (La Foie) Page 0
    In this chapter we can see a cruise down the Rhine, where the girl and the man (the producer) dances together trough the night. All the man feels at the point is that he wants the girl, so she starts telling him their story. But she cannot finish...

  • Adventure with the Old King
    Chapter 7
    Title: Resurrection (La Revolution) Page 20
    In this chapter we can meet the girl's colleagues, who are connected to the plotline of the production historically, since they are the descendants of Count Tepesh Dracula from Transylvania. There is one woman, who is cursed for seven generations to be without husband. The other colleagues are male, and two them - Radu and Micra - are Count Dracula's brother 's incarnations.
    Radu is the offspring of the brother who handed Dracula over to the enemy once.
    Count Dracula is a very rich animator in his present life.
    He tortures his siblings who will later betray him.
    Dracula has to escape and lose control of his traces in Hungary, just like in the historical past...

    Chapter 8
    Title: The World (La Monde) Part 21
    In this chapter the girl and the man can finally get together and kisses each other with impunity after a long and vicissitudinous journey.
    Everybody is happy and they can restart their lives finding a better future.
    They soon have a daughter and the soon who follows in their parent's path. But this is mother story about the global warming.

    Chapter 9
    Title: The Tower (La Tour) Part 16
    In this Chapter every single lie is highlighted. The man finds out that that his wife's love is generated by financial interests and that she tries to sneak all her husband's money to an enterprise of her lover's with the help of their children.
    The producer divorces and lives on in the German capital keeping his fortune.
    All of a sudden everybody longs only for him.

  • Adventure with the Old King
    Chapter 10
    Title: The Magus (La magician) Part I
    Animating the girl's life we are remembered of her Hungarian connections, the country that she had to leave because of her relationship with the head of the cabinet. Now she pays him a secret visit organised by his lawyer and gains support for her production.
    The man helps her...

    Chapter 11
    The Prelate (Le Pertre) Part 5
    This Chapter takes place in the girl's flat in Berlin, in December 2007 where flat in Berlin, in December 2007 where her flatmate's mother pays a visit at Christmas. While they are talking the are talking the lady was born in Transylvania and believes in the existence of Count Dracula.

    Chapter 12
    Title: The Triumph ( La Triomphe) Part 7
    The shooting of the film begins. A big amount of unexpected financial support is given to them from the budget of millions of the European heritage and of both country's budget since they can shoot on a historical scene that can also stir the interest of the American market.

  • Adventure with the Old King
    Chapter 13
    Title: The Empress (La Imperatrice) Part 3
    In this Chapter we can follow scenes from the girl's past when she was living back in Hungary looking for Mr. Right. We can also follow her along her journey through the desert and deep under the see.

    Chapter 14
    Title: The Wheel of Fortune (La Destine) Part 10
    Now the girl is 19. The Chapter is about a trip to Moscow with her friends. Walking along a highway she meets a Ukrainian fortune - teller who foretells that there will be two man in her life.
    The second one will be very rich and they will have two children together. At this point she not met any of them yet.

    Chapter 15
    Title: The Hanged (La Pendre) Part 12
    In this chapter we can see scenes from the girl's first relationship. There is no man who tortures her for ten years until one night the girl-saving her own life-gets away from him...

  • Adventure with the Old King
    Chapter 16
    Title: The Tower (La Tour) Part 16
    This is the part where everything falls into pieces. All within a year the girl loses her job, her love, their mutual child, her parents get divorced, her so called friends betray her and even her dog is put to death during a surgical intervention.
    The girl falls into pieces and secludes.

    Chapter 17
    Title: The Hermit (La Ermite) Part 9
    In this chapter we can see the girl who lives by herself in a rented flat in Budapest after she left behind her previous life.
    She is behind off to a pilgrimage to Andalusia with a boy whom she just met before in a cafe.
    Two months by Spanish sea.
    Row of adventures and the girl is off again...

    Chapter 18
    Title: The Moderation (La Measure) Part 14
    We can see the girl waiting for love in this chapter. The scenario takes place on Donkey's Hill (Szamárhegy), in Szentendre, Hungary.
    There is row of suitors, but the girl cannot choose. She has the feeling that Mr. Right is just not there yet.

  • Adventure with the Old King
    Chapter 19
    Title: The Sun (La Soleil) Part 19
    Here we can see the man's former relationship, the time when he meets his wife who is French as well. They live in Frankfurt with their two children...

    Chapter 20
    Title: The Moon (La Lune) Part 18
    We can now get to know the girl's family and we can see pictures from her childhood that she spent with her brother and French cousins.
    We can also get to know her mother, father and sister-in-law.

    Chapter 21
    Title: The Temptation (La Desire) Part 14
    The girl meets a French film director who is married and up for an affair. They fall in love with each other, but the man finally leaves.
    The girl goes mad with pain and in her fear she drifts to over-sensual spheres.
    She heart is actually broken...

    Chapter 22
    Title: The Fool (La Foul) Page 0
    Here we can see the situation of restarting and fearlessness. This happens starting and fearlessness. This happens when two people leaves behind their when two people leaves behind their compulsory lives in the hope of creating a better future for themselves.
    We can see their two children facing a new task of their life.
    This is where this films ends.

  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives
  • The Cat's nine lives


    Duration: Approximately 10-12 minutes, about 0.5 - 1 minute per scene, with the connecting parts and the video insertions it extends to 10 minutes.

    Animation: 5 minutes, different technical solutions alternate - depending on the scene and situation-drawing, 3D, photo, montage, computer and model but all kept within the same graphic style.

    The film introduces the nine stages of a Cat's nine lives, as his appearance changes from year to year, as well as his age but not in a linear order, it changes differently.

    The East - West tendency of the scenes is rather determinant. We can consider the Cat's "death" at the end of each scene symbolic, it only refers to his being fit for life. We can recognize the protagonist of the sign on his forehead, and also of the crescent in his eye that grows into a full moon as time passes by.

    The reappearing golden ball of string in several scenes symbolizes the length of the Cat's life.

    The basic idea of the story originates in a proverb: "THE CAT HAS NINE LIVES"

    And the mysterious characteristics of number nine, that is: it symbolizes the imperishable, being worthy to signify rebirth.

    "The number isn't only a formal measurement, it is content as well, and not only content but motion too, because the number isn't only the measurement of time as well."
    (Béla Hamvas: Orpheus)

  • The Cat's nine lives
    Chapter 1
    Title: Egypt
    The colors of this scene range from yellowish to goldenbrown, with somme blurry edges here and there. Blinding light /over exposure.
    We can see the sun on sky at midday on its peak.The videocamera slowly advances from the sun to the earth, the picture broadens up, the top of a pyramid approaches. The camera moves down slowly on the wall of the pyramid right to the bottom, where a ragged beggar begs with his monkey.
    In the background there is a desert and the pyramid in the distance.
    A little boy passes by and the camera follows his bare feet. Cut. The little boy can be seen from a different angl, from the side. (middle distance).
    The horizont remains at the feet all the way through).
    The boy run through an open gate, the camera slowly follows him.
    We can see a rich garden with an ornamental fountain in the centre.
    The camera does not folow the child anymore, we can see a full picture of the garden.
    (truck out).
    In order the reach the water the little boy lies on the edge of the fountain. The camera slowly pans around, always with the fountain and the garden in the middle.
    The camera turns 360 degrees, the child filled his ressel and start towards the arches.
    The camera follows him the same impulse, curve and distance.
    We can see feet in sandals, arabic music can be heard from the distance. The child dissapears in the crowd. Cut. (Matchline).
    On the verandah with arches there is a very old tomcat lying coiled up on a decorated pillow. (The Cat nine years old).
    We can see the litle boy"s hand trying give some water to Him, but He does not want any, the child"s hand with the ressel leaving the picture.
    We can see the Cat"s head, there is a sign on his forehead, in each of his eyes the full moon frames one star. Cut.
    We can see the head of the Cat, the stars in his eyes are fadding, as well as the sign on his forehead. (establishing shot). The sound and voices blur, the camera focuses on the Cat"s eyes and fades. (truck in&soft focus).
    The Cat dies. THe picture start blurry. Mourning women throw sand on their heads. Cut.
    Mumificating hands putting oil around the Cat, they put leaves on his body and they bind him up. Fally they put a ball golden srting around him. The people go out from the room with tourches in their hands and we can see the disappering flames, which diminishing into a small spot, we can hear the fading paces. Cut.
    This connecting part is the longest. I plan it with a video live action and animation picture / connecting
    (hook up).
    On the screen the spot of light becomes a green point, then it becomes a coil that which pulsates and changes constantly. The illuminating outlines of the Cat approach, as He runs right into the green spiral. The way he moves is unnatural, we can feel that he is in another medium.
    (At first his Head and his body, then the very end of His tail dissapear.

  • The Cat's nine lives
    Chapter 2
    Title: Damascus
    In the connecting part organises into a sphere the movement of the spirál that become to exist and transform into a fan. Its motion slows down as opposed to the speed of the spiral (its light and shade vibrates). Aloung black cat runs pass below the fan (He is two years old here). Cut.
    We are in the old part of the city.
    The Cat is thin and hungry, he goes through a few streets and sniffs around. He catches a shiny golden line of scent and follows it mesmerized. The camera smoothly changes the angle, from top to the bottom and back, we can Cat from different angles. The Cat by a yellow building and climbs on the wall.
    Through a small window he get into an upstairs room. Cut. The camera leads us through all the furniture of the room. Balloon-flaks, bottles, dried plants, ect. where an old alchemist stics something in the flask, talks to himself in the meanwhile.
    The Kitty prowls about the old man feet in the hope of getting some food. The arab does not even notice Him at first, then he down and realises that a new arrival walked to his hand. Cut. Lifts up the Cat, wipes off everything of the table and Him down.
    He puts a drop a magic device on the Cat and He changes into a teddy-bear with pilot-glasses and a hat. Cut...then into a frog with wings of a dragon - fly turning around his own spindle, and finally into a rainbow that criss-crosses the whole room.
    He flutters about like a comet, the magiciens face can only be seen rarely.
    The rainbow can widen out as much that we can only see its dust, small explosins and stars.
    A concrete colour swirls around: the golden string (the eine of scent). Then all settles, wnd sweeps through the window. Lifts up the rainbow crumbs and takes them away. In the connecting part this dust swirls until the wind places it in the desert.

  • The Cat's nine lives
    Chapter 3
    Title: China
    We can see a desert from high above, ass if we were driving a plane. The camera approaches a flat-roofed, white stone-house with a stone fence. Cut.
    We see the Cat unravelling from the dust. He arrives on his four feet in the "garden"of the house, and the shiny golden string which was whirling around him disappears in the ground everything becomes silent. We can see a brown cat wh looks around and shakes himself. From his shiny rainbow-dust falls out. cut.
    There is a yellow cat sitting in the front of the house who liftes up her head for the arrival of the stranger. She curiously looks at the other cat and the Brown One starts towards her. His stomach eaches the ground. GCut.
    A close -up of the yellow one, she observes with wide- open eyes. She is a female cat and she welcomes the Brown Cat. Cut.
    The Brown One reaches her and pushes his forehead to the oher one's head, side-face, as she observes his surrondings with one eye. Cut. The brown and the Yellow Cat can b seen from above, the Brown one passes the Yellow Cat, and fawns on her side. Cut.
    Now, we can see the Brown Cat from a lower camera position when a big turquise cat runs into a picture, threatening. A fight starts. They prance, they puff at each other, they turn and spin around., and the shiny golden string whirls around them.
    Cut. Theanimation slows downs and the Turquise Cat gives a huge slap to the Brown One. Cut.
    Now, we can see with the eye of the Brown Cat, the Cameralips out of the picture on the right, and the landscape starts to merge. Cut.
    The turquise goes back to the Yellow One and sits down beside her, a light - green kitten peaks out from behind them. Cut.
    The Brown Cat is lying in the sand, stretched out. His contours come alive and from the lying Cat jump into the next picture-scene. The contour Cat positions himself in the body of the cat in the fourth scene, wo is sleeping, coiled up, in an armchair.
    The original cat - body disperses and merges with the sand of the desert.

  • The Cat's nine lives
    Chapter 4
    Title: Budapest
    When the "astral-body" has fully placed itself into the sleeping Cat's body, he looks up suddenly and looks around confused, as he awakened from a bad sleep. His features already show the one year older Cat. He stretches and yawns, then jumps down to the floor and walks to the window. then jumps up to the window-pane, camera from the back, looks out to the street passing the Cat's head. A taxi rolls by. Down, a fat woman holds a mongrel on a leash (the dog might wear coat). The dog is straining himself while squatting, then scrapes twice in the air towards us.
    It looks up (camera below) to the woman who is nervously stamps her feet to the left and to the right, then they walk out of the picture. A cat looks out from gateway. He makes sure that the lady with the dog has gone, runs out to the street, and hurries away close to the walls. Cut. He disappears behind a fence. The Cat when seeing the ther one run out from the flat, trough the cat -hole, runs down a spiral staircase, and gets to the street. It is twilight outside, crescent in the sky. Cut.
    Cats on the roof. It is night -time, we can hear dreadful miaowing from everywhere. Cut. We can see the moon's reflection on a window. The window is dark and we can only see it when two hands pour a bucket of water on the cats. They glance at the window, all at the same time, and as the water gets them they jump all over the place with the same rhythm. The movements can slow down here - the cats are whirling, going around and spring out of the picture. Cut.
    We can see the Cat running on a roof of a house and climbing down a back staircase. He is still running in the street (the picture are quick). When he gets to the middle of the road, two blinding spotlights search the figure of the jumping Cat as it becomes distinct in the light. Black, white, and bluish colours. Then the X-ray of him, as the spotlights shine right through his body. In the beam light that shines on the wall of the house, we can see the cat falling apart, turning and swirling.
    (TV- fracture) the basic colour is yellow + the bits of the Cat and shiny golden spiral starts from the middle, outwards-towards us,(the golden spiral is the golden string).

  • The Cat's nine lives
    Chapter 5
    Title: Venice
    A shiny golden - yellow circle is flying around the air, in a vacuum and slowly turns into an ellipse. The horizon becomes the level of the street, we can see an air-shaft. Cut. Two fat rats approach, they sit down on the air-shaft and start fighting for a piece of fish (frog- perspective) The lid moves from down under and the rats run away. From the gutter a white cat climbes out. Small glittery dust drops from the lid. He puts his head through, sniffs into the air, then fully appears and shakes his fur. Cut.
    We are in Venice, late night, it is almost full/moon. The Cat starts running he gets through stairs and gates(, we can see houses, the Cat´s fur shines in the darkness. Different kinds of fabrics and white, light houses can be seen in the city. Cut.
    We can hear some noise and the sound of bagpipes from the distance. He tries to get out but a mask falls on his face. We can see him from different angels three times, as he runs down the crowded stairs. We can only see legs in the crowd as the Cat tries to get about, several kinds of serpentines and confetti falls from everywhere. A golden serpentine always twists around the Cat. Cut.
    Everything becomes silent. The Cat starts running again, the mask falls off his head which he leaves behind. We can see him from the back as he arrives to a bridge where there is another cat sitting already. He jumps up and sits down beside the other cat. They are looking at the moon. In front of the enormous sphere of the moon an airship passes. The moon starts to pulsate and a milk-like, foggy shell embraces them, they slowly disappear in its light. Connecting part: while pulsating, the picture becomes white, the circling whirling appears here as well, spiral motive.

  • The Cat's nine lives
    Chapter 6
    Title: The Cat Planet
    From this blinding light and spiral the Cat falls out and lands on bunch of line-drawn cats. In this scene the creatures of the Cat planet and the planet itself is 2D; only the Cat can change his position in both media.
    Technical solutions: the 2 D cats will change their position and shape by being exposure from picture to picture, on a lighted table. The 3D Cat has a shiny golden contour in this medium.
    Black and white pictures, only the Cat is colourful. When he falls on them they spread around, and from the centre of the hit ripples start outward. When the Cat goes away everything returns to their previous state. Cut.
    The Cat lands on his four paws, then he starts " galloping". There is no gravitations on the planet, which makes his movements ethereal and abandoned. The Cat stops and looks in front of his feet. A 2 D cat is trying to eat a winged- sausage that is flying towards his wide-open mouth. Before it arrives the Cat grabs the sausage, which is from then on 3D, for himself.
    The other Cat who got nothing for his pains looks up really surprised but does not sense the third dimension.
    The camera moves away. The Cat continues walking and gets to the end of the planet, this is the time when it becomes clear that planet is a lying ellipse and its edge shines (the golden sting). The Cat stops on the edge of the planet and looks down. Cut. We can see his face as his eyes widen up from astonishment. Cut.
    The camera slowly closes to his eyes, in which we can see Planet Earth. Cut.
    The Cat jumps off the edge of the planet.
    Connecting part: the approaching Earth and the jumping Cat appear one after the other, cut, montage. The Cat´s motions are very slow and smooth ( as if in the vacuum). Small movements.
    We can see different parts of the Cat's body, enlarged.

  • The Cat's nine lives
    Chapter 7
    Title: Amsterdam
    Montage: first we can see Planet Earth, though a fisheye lens. Cut. The Cat flows across the screen. Cut. Aerial photographing from the Earth (coloured). Cut.
    When the Cat arrives in the Earth´s airspace, he starts falling. Another part of the Cat´s body floats across the screen. Cut.
    Relief air photo of one of Holland´s region. Colourful part of a city map. Cut.
    The Cat spins in the air. The map of Amsterdam. We can see the whole Cat as he arrives on a square and lands in front of a shop.
    He gets up and notices the shop - window, where he can see some cans of see-trough tinned-mouse. The Cat watches as one of the mice escapes from a tin and runs out of the shop as quickly as he can.
    There he stops for a second, wipes his forehead and sniffs around. Then he notices the Cat and starts running again. The Cat start chasing him, they turn around corners, the horizon stays on their level all the time. We can see blurry details of streets. They are running above a canal, when the mouse disappears between the legs of a pit-bull. Cut.
    The Cat lifts up his head and we are confronted with a hairy man, who walks with the pit-bull (we can only see him up to his waist. When the Cat bumps into the man he gets terribly frightened, we can see his head in premier plan, his eyes stuck up, fainting and heart attack, everything starts spinning around with him, the street becomes blurred, the camera moves around quicker and quicker. We can see a dim picture of a landscape.
    When the Cat faints and the street becomes blurred as a result of the background turning 360 degrees, then at the same time the effect - animation starts: small bubbles and continuous light-effects pierce the picture field.
    The picture darkens and fractures o it starts spinning.
    Sound-effect: when the Cat gets frightened he sends out screaming sound, which we can hear echoing, until it totally fades away…

  • The Cat's nine lives
    Chapter 8
    Title: Spain
    A gliding land develops from the darkness. The camera drifts away from landscape, the trees on the side of the road and the sky can be seen. We are sitting in a car (blunt engine sound). A typical Spanish land n some indistinct human figures pass by. There are some forests in the distance, the scene is the Pyrenees. The car brakes and two women hands drop the Cat smoothly from the car. (Door slamming, the car swoops away.)
    The Cat hesitates a bit then begins walking. (He is eight years old already, well groomed and does not fit in the environment at all, on his uncertainly we can feel that he has never been out in the nature. He notices a bug that pulls a long golden ribbon after him. The Cat begins to chase him. We are on a clearing, there are some cows feeding in the distance. Cut. The shiny flying bug entices the Cat to follow him to the edge of the forest. They are going towards the depth of the forest: often, we can see the trees with the eyes of the cat, sometimes placed in the original picture field, the view as he can sense it. S As they are getting deeper and deeper the forest becomes fearsome. Weird, swooping shadows appear over the leafy boughs, the trees are watching, and some of them look like clenched fists. Cut. The Cat gets deeper into the forest, then suddenly he gets frightened; the bug disappears somewhere, as well.
    The Cat begins to run. Cut.
    We can only see the forest through his own eyes now ( and white). A drawing of the forest, everything spins and vibrates, changes their colours. The Cat stops, he is utterly exhausted, everything settles.
    He arrives to some huge trunked trees, where the sunshine can hardly get through the leafy boughs.
    He looks up the tree he arrived to and starts wondering. He has never seen such an enormous tree before. Cut.
    He touches it with his paw an then something moves within tree.
    A swastika opens up, the inside shines with a reddish - bluish light, but it is not frightening, it is rather attracting.
    The Cat steps into this widening swastika and disappears in this material whirling.
    He is moving away and we can only see the widening whirl.

  • The Cat's nine lives
    Chapter 9
    Title: America
    Connecting part: the whirling narrows down to a small point, and it is placed in the centre of the picture field. It shines, the camera moves away. More and more light points appear: a metropolis becomes distinct in a front of our eyes at night-time.
    The camera moves down, and now we can see a tympanum of a building which says: HISTORICAL MUSEUM.
    The metropolitan and the moon are in the background.
    It is night-time, the camera leads us to the inside of the museum through an air hole, a huge and sterile space welcomes us.
    The camera is above. It is night-time and only the objects on exhibition fluoresce in the dark. The camera closes up to a glass- case where there is a mummify cat.
    The camera settles on the side on the glass-case and introduces the room through its glass.
    An Egyptian exhibition pictures, jugs, sphinx’s. The camera stops at the entrance but we can only see the leg of the glass-case as a cat-paw snatches at the ball of golden sting. It spins around and changes its direction, the Cat jumps on it, slaps it repeatedly in a gentle way, and then runs after it.
    They run out of the room. Cut. The ball rolls about in the hall-way; the Cat after it. Cut. We are in the garden of the museum, the golden ball of string rolls on.
    The cat jumps out from behind a bush, and grabs the ball, then smacks it up the sky.
    In the heat of the moment he does not even realise that there is a shiny star pulsating above them, only when it swallows the ball.
    The stars is a dodecahedra shaped, twelve branched configuration ; it is made of a glass-like material, it is shines from the inside and constantly changing its shape (one o the branches pulls in, another one stretches out.)
    The cat looks up and star follows him as well. There is no specific space inside the star, everything changes- we can see crystal segments and the Cat´s future shapes (some pictures for the cat´s future).
    The kittens amazed face appears very rarely.
    Connecting art: The star open up, te inside cms out, falls apart, a strong light behind, like in the Egyptian.